29th July 2021


Journalist Linda Sparg | Monday, 26 July 2021, 12:01 – Mossel Bay Advertiser

MOSSEL BAY NEWS – The efforts of two Consumer Studies teachers from Point High School in Mossel Bay have been highlighted internationally.

Their pioneering approach made its way into a proposed education model presented at the 14th International Conference hosted by SAAFECS (South African Association of Family Ecology and Consumer Science), where role players gave feedback on the model. Delegates from several countries participated in the conference.

A comment made by a Point High School teacher in a focus group in George in 2017 resulted in the development of the model, which teachers across South Africa will be able to use.

At the focus group, Dr Adri du Toit, a senior lecturer at North-West University in Potchefstroom, was conducting interviews to collect data about the approaches Consumer Studies teachers use for teaching the valuable entrepreneurship education which is part of this subject.

Sparked interest

The comment, made by teacher Marianne Nieuwoudt, who has since retired, about how teachers at Point High were approaching practical Consumer Studies lessons to support entrepreneurship education, sparked Du Toit’s interest so much, she felt compelled to investigate it further, as no similar process was found in any of the other provinces.

Follow-up questions and in-depth discussions were used to gather more detailed information over a period of several months after the first session conducted in 2017.